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About Us

YOR Urethane Services Ltd. is a Canadian family owned and operated business that is committed to manufacturing superior and dependable urethane and rubber products.  These products include:  Polyurethane Rods and Tubes, Wheels, Conveyor Rollers, Roller coverings, and Custom Specialty Products to name a few.  We also custom cast Urethane Cutting Sticks, Cups, Split Nips, Score Heads, Jaw Blades, Y-Grippers and bond urethane to steel plates.

We offer a wide range of hardnesses and cast from liquid, creating a stronger bond.  We grind and machine to accurate dimensions.

Our company has produced quality urethane and rubber products for companies in the Pipeline, Elevator, Textile, Paper, Conveyor, Plastic, Metal and Printing industries.

Our goal is to form a strong relationship with our customer to satisfy all your urethane and rubber needs.  Not only do we provide quality products and service, we provide competitive prices.

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